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We live in a rapidly changing world driven by continuous advances in digital technology. Customers are now global, mobile, connected 24/7 and expect you to engage with them anywhere, anytime and on any device. Power has shifted to a digital customer with higher expectations. Businesses need to be social, as digital customers demand an engaging relationship characterised by rich experiences where you know;

  • them intimately,

  • what they value,

  • what they want (or potential want) and

  • how they feel.

The by-product of all these digital interactions is an ocean of personal customer data. The challenge is how to make sense of it all, gain insight and act quickly and appropriately. Additionally, businesses need to protect their customers’ data from sophisticated hackers. All this digital activity brings with it the need for super computing power and super fast connectivity, hence the advent of the “computing cloud”.

The team at digibus can ensure you capitalise on the unprecedented opportunities digital technology presents, whilst addressing its unique challenges, by offering;

  • Digital Customers: digital channels through which to connect and engage with your mobile and socially active digital

  • Customer Insight: Analytics, intelligence and insight about your digital customers

  • Digital Innovation: digital innovation of your products & services

  • Digital Capabilities: Strategic digital capabilities that foster operational efficiency and differentiate you from competitors

  • digibus Cloud: your Digital Business managed on the secure digibus cloud

Digibus can realise this value for you in a simple 3 step Digital Transformation (Digitisation) plan;

  • Strategy: Firstly, we work with you to build a digital business strategy by:

    • Listening and understanding your business

    • Building a digital business vision

    • Assessing your current digital capabilities

    • Building a transformation plan to make you digital business vision a reality through a digitisation project

  • Transform: We then realise the digital business vision by executing the digitisation project

  • Manage: Finally, we manage and operate your digital business securely on the digibus cloud


Digital disruption has fundamentally changed the way business is being conducted. The digital economy comes with unprecedented opportunities for top-line growth and operational efficiency, but not without risk. Talk to Digibus to learn how we can help guide you to prosperity in the digital economy.

We Digitise Your Business ›

Embarking on the digital journey represents unprecedented opportunity. Evolving into a digital business is, for any organisation, truly transformational and inherently carries with it a set of unique challenges. digibus can guide you through this transformation by partnering with you to form a strategy to realise your vision of a digitised business on the cloud.

Your Digital Strategy ›

digibus can transform your vision of a digitised business on the cloud into reality by realising your digital strategy. Our digitisation team achieves this through the execution of your digital transformation plan and works collaboratively with you to ensure business value is delivered through every step of the digitisation process.

Your Digital Transformation › 

At digibus we understand that not every organisation has the in-house expertise or desire to invest on additional resourcing to realise their digitisation strategy. digibus provides on-going technical services to compliment and support your digital transformation.

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